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A fast and effective removal solution for complete coverage against illegal software downloads, online course resales, images, videos and other content across the internet.
Automate the DMCA process.

We Offer A Simple Yet Effective 3 Step
"All In One" Solution:

Finds Illegal Content

Fast searching for illegal content & links across the web from multiple platforms including search engines, download sites & social networks. With quick and accurate responses to all your queries, you’ll save time and be more efficient.

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Automates Takedown

Send takedown requests to the entities concerned including the host, owner or administrator of the domain name as well as search engines like Google & Bing. Our support team is here to ensure that things run smoothly, so you can focus elsewhere.

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Tracks & Follows Up

Automated tracking of sent takedowns, illegal page status and sending of reminders if needed. Watch your profits and efficiency soar. You’ll expand faster than you ever thought possible whilst controlling how your brand is perceived online.

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Your Brand Is Your Most Valuable Asset.

We Want To Help You Protect What's Your's! Are you aware of how much of your content is shared freely online? The amount of content out there is unimaginable! You can check for yourself using our free tool "Find Illegal Links". Enter the best search terms and validate. The results will appear instantly.

Find Illegal Link's

Simple & Powerful


Automatic search for illegal download URLs in 1 click


Lists of illegal URLs 1 list by product. Accounting for sent emails Adding / Editing / Deleting URLs

Deep Whois

Search for contact email address "abuse" in 1 click + by URL


Analysis of server response pages, content information - in 1 click + by URL


Sending DMCA Takedown Notice emails in 1 click + by URL


Management of the status of each URL (Pending / Done)

Brands We've Helped

Since partnering with in 2017, we have achieved significant improvements around our brand and IP protection. We have seen a dramatic reduction in plagiarised content resulting in a direct ROI. – We cannot recommend them highly enough!

Sam Howarth

What's Included

  • Continue advancing your brand by successfully removing online content you don’t want people to be accessing freely.

  • Increase your income by stopping your copyrighted and trademarked content being illegally distributed. This includes courses, eBooks, guides and products.

  • We’ve always got the backs of businesses. Our services can lower your marketing costs, increase revenue, and can even bring you even more business by protecting your online reputation & IP.

  • Don't let people freely access paid content you've worked hard to produce. Value what you do and protect it using

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