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All about DMCA Sender, DMCA takedown notices and Copyright

You will find here a number of useful information about dmca's legislation and enforcement, tools for searching for illegal sharing links, finding contact abuse emails and sending out dmca notifications.

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DMCA Takedown Notice Sender Dashboard
Admin Dashboard's Home page. Build a list or access the DMCA tools from here.
The Link Finder Tool
Enter your search terms here to find all the available unauthorized download links.
Link Finder in action
The Link Finder searching for available illegal pages matching your search terms.
Link Finder Results
The Link Finder shows the results and propose to build a new list from these.
DMCA Sender Tool
DMCA Sender Main Page. This is the place to send your DMCA Takedown Notices.
Search Abuse Emails
Global search for Abuse Emails. You can launch a specific search on each URL too.
Find Page Information
Analyse each URL to see if it's still online, and get page information. You can analyse each URL individually too.
Send DMCA Takedown Notices
Send your DMCA Takedown Notices from the server or open the emails with your own client email.

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